Great participation in the COAC debate on protected housing in consolidated urban land

On 28th of June, was held at the College of Architects the session "The protected housing in consolidated urban land, the case of Barcelona", moderated by Sebastià Jornet, president of the Urban Architects Association (AAUC). The event counted with the participation of lawyers: Ramon García-Bragado – Director of Public Law of Miliners, Josep M. Aguirre, Domènech Sibina, Dolors Clavell, Javier Buron, Gemma Segura and Pablo Molina.

The session was a success and allowed to know the objectives and controversial aspects of the latest proposal of the town hall of Barcelona about the reserve of protected housing in consolidated urban land.

Ramón García-Bragado highlighted in his speech the problems of legal security that the aforementioned measure implies.

Please find attached link where you can see the discussion.