Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas

Rodolfo Fernández

Corporate & Technology Law Specialist

"We must stick to the essence: to advocate is to defend legitimate rights putting ourselves in the client’s place"





Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas is graduated in law at the Universitat de Barcelona in 1988. Doctor in Law (Phd) with the maximum mark and "cum laude" in May 2006. Member of the Barcelona Bar Association.

Teaching and Professional Experience

He began his career as lawyer at Martí & Associats as member of the Corporate Law Department. Later as lawyer in Brosa Abogados y Economistas since 1998, as director of the Information Technologies department. He worked at the same time in questions about corporate law, particularly mergers & acquisitions and companies’ disputes, leading the main acquisitions processes of the last years of the firm. Partner in Brosa since 2002.

Lawyer and founder partner of Miliners Abogados y Asesores Tributarios in 2004. Doctor in Law. Professor of Commercial Law at ESADE. Specialist in Corporate Commercial Law, Technology Law and Arbitration.

Since 2008 is particularly dedicated to academic and research activity about Commercial and Technology Law. He has participated in legislative projects for governments, legal institutions, as well as both international and Spanish think tanks. It can be mentioned his dedication in the International Practice Group, the ITechLaw, the AFA (Asociación para el Fomento del Arbitraje), attending regularly to national and international scientific congresses, delivering lectures and preparing studies. He has cooperated with institutions and investigation centers managing draft bills in IT and e-commerce, as the electronic signature laws and the LSSI-CE, taking an active role in ADIGITAL as member of the Legislative Committee. He has participated, recently, in comments about the reform of the Arbitration Law, for the Spanish Government, with the Asociación para el Fomento del Arbitraje.

Member of Royal European Academy of Doctors

Chair of the Ethics Committee of International Practice Group. Vicepresident of AFA (Asociación para el Fomento del Arbitraje). President of the Commercial Law Section of the Barcelona BAR Association (2006-2012). President of the Arbitration & Mediation committee of ITechLaw (2010-2014).

The following scientific publications can be noted, among others issued by Dr. Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas, in the last years: the book "El contrato electrónico, formación y cumplimiento" JMBosch, 2013. "La acción individual contra los administradores sociales", Revista Jurídica de Catalunya, nº 3 año 2013. "Controversias mercantiles: competencia objetiva y arbitraje", within the collective work. “Las medidas preventivas de conflictos jurídicos en contextos económicos inestables”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Xavier Abel, JM Bosch, 2014. "Competencia objetiva y arbitraje en las controversias mercantiles: necesidad de reforma", La Notaría, 2015.

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