The Corporate team is formed by a group of lawyers, with lengthy experience in the areas of Corporate work. In particular, we can mention mergers & acquisitions of companies, splits and solutions of conflicts between shareholders, joint-ventures and venture capital / private equity agreements. In addition, we also have deep expertise in the restructuring of business and dissolution of companies.

Our intervention extends to the judicial field, especially on the solution of disputes regarding commercial firms, unfair competition and company restructuring.

In each area we deal with the preparation and initial steps, the performance of the due diligence, the negotiation of the content and the preparation of the contracts and other relevant documents.

The complexity of Corporate work implies that the team of lawyers must include lawyers from different departments, assuring that the issue is treated in an effective manner, involving corporate, commercial, tax, information technology, labour or real estate considerations in the same deal.

In this field, our work includes mergers & acquisitions, splits, joint ventures contracts, restructuring of companies and equity, holders conflicts, secretarial and advice to the board.


We can list some of the recent experiences of our team of lawyers:

  • · Integration process between two groups of firms, creating the first independent leading company on distribution of telephony and communications.
  • · Circular laboralAdvising on the acquisition of the Spanish subsidiaries of a leading worldwide group of software, advising on the due diligence and the acquisition contract.
  • · Success of legal actions in unfair competition trials for illicit behavior of directors, employees and partners.
  • · Conflict between holders in a major distribution company of cell phones that we advised, negotiated and solved with equity payment, the holders accepting the dissolution and liquidation of the company.
  • · Conflict between holders in a leading company of logistics and food distribution, that we solved with a split-off and transfer of assets and liabilities of a business unit.
  • · Negotiation, due diligence and acquisition of the biggest tourism resort in Spain, advising on all the implications of the acquisition process: corporate, property, employment and tax
  • · Merger between a leading Spanish aviation and tourism group with a British tour operator. Negotiations, due diligence and preparation of the contracts and other relevant documents.
  • · Asset acquisition of digital and multimedia contents, data bases and other intangible assets by the leading Spanish media and broadcasting group.
  • · Sale of a minority stake of a Spanish company in the textile sector to a venture capital group.