Our Tax Department renders services at three different levels, all of them equal in having the same quality and price efficiency.

Tax planning in mergers & acquisitions and tax driven transactions

After almost 20 years of experience in the field of tax planning, our approach combines two factors in the appropriate measure: prudence and knowledge.

We have advised in the last ten years on large acquisitions, mergers and splits in various sectors of business, such as leisure, tourism and resorts, information technology, Internet and media.

Only the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge about the tax regulation and the Administration practice of our team lets us give recommendations on the tax planning practice.

Additionally, the practical experience lets us give well-supported opinions about the predictable actions of the Tax Administration and, eventually, the Tribunals to give accurate recommendations. We try to make our clients feel comfortable in an intermediate point between prudence and the need for optimising the tax costs.

Tax compliance

In this level we take care of the tax duties required by the regulation, it being possible just working from the documentation delivered by the Company or advising on the process of its performance.

This service is particularly appropriate for multinational Companies starting their activities in Spain, non-active Companies having as a main purpose managing real estate or other goods, or medium-size or small companies externalising the tax management service.

As a part of the tax compliance service we render a service of tax consolidation. As the tax consolidation means an advantage for the groups, we optimise the cost of preparing the consolidation package, especially to those Companies not having the obligation of mercantile consolidation.

Regular tax advisory

The tax advisory has been designed as an information service in which the client and our Firm are in permanent contact, to be aware of the tax news and take the most suitable actions in the interests of the Company.

The regular tax advisory service emphasises the proactive activity of our team, both through regular letters of general information and by personal and client-focused communications.

Our experience lets us understand that the best advisory service is rendered by the professional who, besides having a full and careful knowledge of the regulation, knows the business and the activities of our clients.


Tax advice on the acquisition of the Spanish subsidiaries of a leading worldwide group of software, advising on the tax part of the due diligence process and the optimisation of the tax implications in the acquisition contract and, particularly, in the tax planning after the contract.

We have advised a group of companies from the beverage bottling sector in a process of reorganisation including several mergers and creation of a holding structure.

We have advised one of the most important entrepreneurs' associations in proposing legal measures to reduce the taxation of the family business, by preparing the drafts of the regulation that lead to the present situation in which the taxation of family business has became very low.

We have advised some English resident private clients to implement a loan notes agreement in order to reduce the combined English-Spanish taxation in business disposals.

We have advised a multi-national group to optimise the taxation of one of the most important acquisitions in the food sector which has taken place in the last years.