We are a firm of lawyers and tax advisors working in close proximity with customers, paying due attention to their endeavours, tracking their business projects closely and minutely, ensuring that clients´ issues are always met in a skilful and personalised manner. This can be achieved with the direct involvement of the responsible partner for each and every case.

That’s the way we are and that’s how we like to work.

Our key activity area is to provide advice to both Spanish and foreign companies with interests and projects in Spain. However, we also coordinate consulting projects on behalf of our clients, overseeing and getting directly involved in the tasks lawyers in other countries need to carry out. As an international firm, we are part of the International Practice Group, an extensive network of associates and correspondent firms acting in Europe, USA, Latin-American countries, Asia and Africa. Should the need arise; we need not be restricted to any particular country or area.

In 2014 we opened office in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea).  Since then, we provide advice to Spanish companies for its implementation in the territory, as Equatorial Guinea is a strategic country for investment in Africa, not only because Spanish is the official language, also because of the development of the economy as an emerging country,one of the main oil and gas producers in Africa, and for the existing security for people.

Our team is made up of lawyers and economists with a large experience in the business and the corporative law in different sectors. Milliners’ partners and associates have been able to combine their professional activity within the company with teaching and research; this allows us to stay always one step ahead from others law firms and acquired new knowledge which is transferred and shared with our colleagues.

This multidisciplinary array of talents within our team allows us to understand the business of our clients in their whole dimension in order to find new practical solutions, providing specific and direct advice to them. As a result, we can guarantee that any customer requests would be thoroughly analysed from all possible aspects in order to assure their fast resolution as well as the compliance with mutually agreed objectives.